Manly just to build something.

What it does

Just to see if people would like to waste money on fictitious characters.

How I built it

Spent about 3 hours originally writing it, using node.js Spent another 10 hours to add functions for recording leaders (top people who Wasted Money,) And adding multiple characters.

Challenges I ran into

Not many Challenges, as the In skill purchasing is a lot easier then when I first tried it awhile back.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mainly the amount of time it took me to write it. I aimed to see how quickly I could do it, I was guessing about 6 hours, but I done it in half the time.

What I learned

More about In-Skill purchasing.

What's next for Waste My Money

We will see

Built With

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posted an update

After multiple submissions, which first failed for "Nothing is added when you donatate.", I am now stuck with it failing submission for the following...

Following a review of your skill, we found that it contains the ability to collect donations. Please note skills that collect donations must belong to a registered non-profit organization and use Alexa Donations with Amazon Pay. Skills may not use In-Skill Purchasing to collect donations.

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