Seeing people dying of diseases which are caused due to not disposing waste properly or even waste bins not emptied by Corporation as they are not aware of it being full.

The project gives municipal corporation an alarm for the waste bins in the area whenever it is full. The web APIs will help them a clear leave to which every bin is full and when someone needs to clear the waste. Everybin will also have a foul smell detector which will show the intensity in color codes

The data is collected from the sensors and fed into the Arduino as output from where it is connected to the led and the laptop via internet to obtain the required visualizations.

As this was the very first IOT project for me it was difficult getting proper data from hardware as the code was getting complex with addition to the number of hardware.

The project was started and delivered in the final year. Was a very successful one even though couldn't get a proper platform to use this further.

How complex things can be broken down to modules to do it easier.

Can be made cost effective and used in every city so as to decrease the cost of supply management and work efficientely in areas with need quick response.

Built With

  • arduino
  • echo-sensor
  • laptop
  • led-display
  • microcontroller
  • smell-detector
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