We began our first hackathon by brainstorming ideas. We each had a few ideas on our own, but we found that when combined together our ideas formed a stronger more ambitious framework. One of the biggest inspirations for identifying problems came out of this video which discussed how a change in Chinese policy crippled the global recycling chain. In order to improve the outcome of recycled material in Hoboken, we wanted to ensure it was a raw good that manufacturers wanted and not something destined to be discarded into landfills. So, the idea for our app was born.

What it does

Our app combines 3 crucial features all oriented to boost user knowledge and engagement. First, we have our educational feature which aims to teach users through a comprehensive recycling guide. Since a majority of people already know the benefits of recycling we plan to focus on the cost of improper recycling. Second, we have our interactive map which aims to provide up-to-date information on disposal centers and green businesses in Hoboken. Then finally, our social component aims to connect users through public forums and incentive use through a game-like badge system.

How we built it

We used Figma to create a mockup of our initial concept and then used appy-pie to create a mobile prototype.

What's next for Waste Less Atlas

In the future, we hope to develop our own mobile application from scratch which more closely resembles our mock-up idea. Additionally, before releasing we would like to create original content for our education section so that the learning feels more approachable, tailored, and accessible.

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