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Want to throw your waste in dustbins but cannot find any nearby dustbins? Great!! Because Waste Eraser is what you need. Waste Eraser is an application that shows you nearby dustbins according to the type of waste you want to dispose of. This app is a very simple way to clean your surrounding in the right way.

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Waste eraser helps people locate nearby dustbins along with adding new dustbins locations on the map. People can first choose which type of waste they want to throw like bio-degradable, non-biodegradable, covid-related waste, etc, and then can locate nearby dustbin locations from their current location.

Similarly, new dustbin locations can be added to the map. Apart from this, for people who add new dustbin locations, we plant trees in exchange for their good work. People can choose the locality where they want to plant trees. Out of all reasons for the destruction of our planet, heavy waste generation should not be a part.

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💡 Inspiration

While scrolling reels on Instagram one day, I saw a reel where a guy has recorded Bali in 2020 and Bali in 2022. In 2020, a mangrove forest in Bali was swamped with waste like plastic bottles, wrappers, cans, and whatnot. Due to this bulk waste, the mangrove forest was not growing at all. This guy took an initiative to clean and revive the forest and in 2022 it was all growing again.

This served as an inspiration for us, Precaution is better than cure. Why clean a forest for 2 years when we can stop throwing of waste in the start? As students who are passionate about technology, we decided to create a project that can help in handling this waste properly.

⭐ Project Introduction

Waste Eraser - aims to simplify the throwing away of waste and help people to make their environment clean by building a map, where we locate dustbins and can locate nearby dustbins. Along with this, we also plant trees as people add dustbins to the map. Our main motive is "Precaution is better than Cure", i.e we will throw the waste in the right dustbins and keep our environment clean.

☛ In this project, we help people to find the nearest dustbins to throw their waste or garbage in the right dustbins instead of just throwing it in the ground.

☛ People can navigate to any place using React Mapbox Geocoder component.

☛ People can also add dustbin locations on the map along with the dustbin type i.e Bio-degradable, Non-biodegradable or covid dustbins.

☛ Additionally, for people, who add dustbins to the map, we plant trees in localities chosen by them.

☛ We also have added a Chat Box using Google Firebase(GCP), which can help people to use the app and navigate through the website.

💘However, what makes our project special is that We have also added covid dustbins to our map. In our opinion, this is a powerful feature because in these pandemic years with bulk production of things like PPE kits, test kits, syringes, needles, and safety boxes we need to handle this used waste carefully.

⚙️ What it does?

Waste Eraser covers many different problems, we have a different approach for each issue:

🔦People can find the nearest location of dustbins by looking and filtering in the map. The map is designed with a provided database of available dustbins all over the world.

🔦People can find dustbins of different types. For example, if they want to throw plastic waste, they can filter dustbins carrying plastic waste. Similarly, they can search for Bio-degradable dustbins, Non-biodegradable dustbins, Covid dustbins, etc.

🔦People can also pin new dustbins on the map in different locations. If someone finds a dustbin, he/she can enter the location and type of dustbin on the map and then add it.

🔦We also have a feature where we plant trees in different localities. People can choose where they want to plant trees on the map by drawing polygons.

🔧 How we built it?

This project is based on the MERN stack. Following key technologies are used to build this web application:

🦾 Frontend

  • Reactjs
  • Bootstrap5
  • Mapbox React Package

🦾 Backend

  • Nodejs
  • Express

🦾 Database

  • MonogoDB Atlas

⭐ How will our project be used?

Waste Eraser is an all-rounder, for any person of any age group can use it who wants to keep their localities clean. However, we strongly believe that Waste Eraser will be a boon to tourist places, where tourists can't find proper places to throw waste and hence end up throwing it on the grounds, making the tourist place dirty.

Waste Eraser will help tourists to locate proper dustbins to throw waste, also the local people can use them to locate dustbins on maps which will be very helpful. Apart from this, we also have added covid dustbins, where waste like used PPE kits, test kits, syringes, needles, and safety boxes can be thrown as this waste can cause infections and cannot be thrown away on bare grounds.

🏃 Challenges we ran into

There are many different challenges that we ran into while developing our website:

❌ Selection of free map service for our map layer.

❌ Integration of map popups and markers and sending data to the server.

❌ Including Draw Polygon feature on our map layer.

❌ Integration of React Mapbox Geocoder to navigate and search places.

🎯 Future Development

For further development, we plan to:

💥 Host our website using the domain wasteraser.tech, which we have bought from domain.com.

💥 A user database to store people's information.

💥 Show routes to nearby dustbins to users.

🚀 How we have used GitHub in our project? 🚀

We used GitHub in different ways:

Pull Requests and Issues: We created pull requests on our GitHub repository as we were a team of four and we're working on our local repository. If any of our team members gets an idea for a new feature, she created the issue for all members to see and suggest their opinions on how to implement it.

GitHub Templates We used the GitHub default LICENSE template for adding an MIT license to our project.

GitHub Collaboration Using GitHub proved to be very helpful to us, as the collaboration was very easy for us and all the changes can be tracked very easily.

GitHub Actions Although implementing the actions was a kind of hectic task for our team but we tried to implement them for our pull requests. We still had to learn about GitHub's actions for future hackathons.

So this was all about our project, we hope that our project can help people to keep their environment clean.

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