Massive landfill and waste problem

What it does

Identifies recyclable materials using computer vision

How we built it

Using OpenCV in Python to contour and crop single objects within an image and using Google Cloud Vision API for identification. As a prototype for testing, we began building An iOS app that uses the built-in camera to detect recyclable materials

Challenges we ran into

Precise image detection and identifying location of objects

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Classifying recyclables and non-recyclables. Beginning a foundation for a solution.

What we learned

The gravity of the problem we are dealing with in terms of waste and sanitation. We learned a lot about what computer vision is capable of and how it can be applied when improvements in accuracy

What's next for

Waste Division Segregating and identifying recyclables in a larger space such as a landfill. Future features which would make the application practical and usable in a real-world context such as linking robotics to clean up landfills.

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