Our software was inspired by our struggle to figure out where our snacks should go after we finished eating them.

What it does

Currently it is split into two parts but our original intention was to create an all inclusive app that can inform you about where your waste should go. Our app includes 2 features, a quiz/information chat bot and an image recognition app that tells you where your garbage should go. Currently the image recognition app can only recognize paper but as a future upgrade we would expand that to all types of materials.

How We built it

Our web app was developed using React and Node.js.

Challenges We ran into

We struggled a lot trying to figure out the syntax for React since none of us were very proficient in javascript. But in the end after rigorous googling we managed to transform our ideas into code.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We're glad that we managed to finish our app!

What We learned

Trial and error is sometimes the best way to debug.

What's next for Waste Disposal

We want to make it a fully functional mobile app and it will classify objects into three categories: recycling, compost and trash. If it doesn't belong in any of the three categories, we will redirect you to a website for proper disposal.

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