With the unpredictability of the British weather, I wanted to create a skill that helps me know when to hang the washing out on the washing line. The criteria obviously being to tell the user the dry days that will have no rain.

What it does

The skill uses the OpenWeatherMap API, combined with your location, to determine the best day to do your laundry and hang out you washing on the washing line.

It will look at the amount of rainfall during daylight hours, and suggest the days which are dry only. Thus avoid getting caught out by one of them days where it looks like a sunny day, but you have a sudden downpour!

How I built it

The skill was built using c# for the API on Azure

Challenges I ran into

Choosing an API that served my needs and melding the data so that it can be used by the skill

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making the skill serverless,

What I learned

Learned a new API with OpenWeatherMap, as well as using latest way of using azure functions in a website

What's next for Washing Line

Use the new location API provided by amazon to determine users location.

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