Everyone wears clothing, but not everyone treats it properly. Washing clothing incorrectly can leave permanent stains or marks and can ruin the appearance or overall aesthetic of the shirt.


Wash Me is an app to read and decode those cryptic symbols on your tags. No longer will you mix whites with colors, use bleach instead of detergent, or have your clothes shrink due to high heat.

How we built it

We built the Android app using Android Studio. We used Microsoft's CustomVision API to create an image recognition model to accurately read the symbols.


Some challenges that we ran into were the amount of source images available. We had 50 images that were able to be translated, but they each needed at least 4 supplementary images for the API to learn the categories and how to label each image


We are very proud of being able to use a machine learning API for this product. Being able to have the app communicate with the API was also a really important accomplishment.

What did we learn?

How to develop a machine learning model, send HTTP Requests, dynamically update an android app UI.

What's next?

Our next step is to integrate the API requests directly into the app, and integrating the machine learning model into it as well.

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