This skill offers decision aids against boredom, for a happier life or to a concrete problem. It offers tips and support on raising children, quitting smoking and losing weight. You can also make a random selection where you tell the skill to choose {Option A} or {Option B}.

The suggestions against boredom correspond to the age of the person using the skill. In addition, the season and time of the year are also taken into account for the boredom suggestions, so that as useful suggestions as possible are made.

You will receive up to three suitable locations by e-mail, depending on the location of your device, which match the boredom suggestions. For example, if the skill suggests "hiking", it will also search for suitable hiking destinations near you. Or the skill suggests the activity "excursion " or "amusement park", then you can have three top addresses for excursion destinations or amusement parks in your area sent to you. The new localities feature is constantly being expanded. For suggestions where there is no location reference, web addresses can also be suggested, which can be requested by e-mail.

All boredom suggestions also include a button in the APL view that links a suitable website or skill to the boredom suggestion.

Weather inquiries are also possible. For example, you can say what the weather will be like. Or how will the weather in Dresden. For this the skill needs access rights to the approximate location of the device (postal code and country code).

You can use this skill to do a relationship test or get tips for school, work or your fitness training.

You can also use the skill to query and manage your to-do list. A random number generator. Say for example:

  • Give me a random number
  • Give me a number between 1 and 49

So you can have your lottery numbers announced randomly! Or, when deciding between several equally good options, choose better.

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