basically me and my friend are fans of data visualization so we came up with an idea to view this data visualization on a map

What it does

we used the google maps api to view the top 10 universities with the highest student population (undergraduate and postgraduate) and we represented this by using red circles and the bigger the circle the more the population is

How we built it

we built it by using an google maps api key and we called this api key using javascript to make use of the google maps api and we added a bit of code to represent the different universities and used the latitude and longtitude to pinpoint the different campuses.

Challenges we ran into

well at first we tried to use the github repositories to get country data but we couldnt find any data which is represented by countries an initially we tried to map the whole world instead of the uk but we managed to do the uk in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

first hackathon where i learned how to use API's and many more to come

What we learned

API's, javascript, html

What's next for warWackhack2016

Built With

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