Communication and learning are dynamic systems. By removing the embodied factor we reduce interactions to our hands and a screen, isolating ourselves even when in the company of others. The need for transforming the way we use screens and interact with our environment is greater than ever. Social networks have changed the world and now we have an opportunity through social computing to improve it.

The impact augmented reality can have by creating interactive educational environments and aiding face to face social experiences to improve the quality of life and bring about social good was the inspiration for this project.

What it does

Uses image recognition to display information about a person using a name tag or a company logo, uploaded when the company or person is added to the application. Topics that can be easily used in a conversation are placed in an areas eyes naturally wander during conversation.

Example: link

Alt Text

How we built it

WARU stands for Who AR U By utilizing the image recognition from Unity and Vuforia, the MongoDB of user and company documents for displaying the information, and a RESTful API on an AWS Beanstalk EC2 web server.

Challenges we ran into

Learning most of the languages, APIs, and frameworks needed that we were unfamiliar with

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning and utilizing augmented reality and AWS frameworks, as well as enhancing diverse teamwork

What we learned

Python, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unity and Vuforia, C#

What's next for WARU

Gamification, interactive experiences, component engagement.

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