We wanted to demonstrate Colony’s versatility by building a usecase which sits outside of the usual focus on what a DAO should be (communities, bounties, voting, etc), and instead explore something that leverages Colony's reputation system for an unconventional purpose.

What it does

A DAO built on Colony which allows users to send their unwanted, illiquid tokens which will be gradually sold for them in exchange for a stake in the DAO. A stake in the DAO gives the purchaser a share of the DAO’s future revenue.

How I built it

CoinComposter comprises a contract that integrates with the Colony Network and Uniswap contracts, a React app to interact with on-chain data (via colonyJS/purser and other tools), and a NodeJS app (for some contract owner-related functions).

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We shipped something to mainnet that can support real users in 24h.

What I learned

Tooling improvements are making this easier, bit by bit!

What's next for CoinComposter

There are lots of improvements we’d like to make, but in the first instance, just getting some initial users would be great.

As Colony’s governance tools roll out it will be exciting to decentralize the control of the composter to the community we hope will develop around it.

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