Certain products did not live up to our expectations and the general careless attitudes towards receipts, forms, and warranties made it almost impossible to accurately identify which products could be returned, refunded, or replaced.

What it does

We created an app that allows ordinary people to easily keep track of their warranties and receipts so they can track and locate which items are eligible to be returned or replaced based on their uploads.

How we built it

Since our team members were fairly comfortable with java, we felt that using Android Studio Projects to create an android app was the best way to go.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the team members were unfamiliar with the Android Studio setup and app development in general. However, with the help of our mentor, we were able to combine our knowledge and create an app of which we are very proud.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an app that can help its users and save them money.

What we learned

For most of the team members, this was one of the first real exposures to app development. We enjoyed this new field of which we might have never dabbled in in the first place.

What's next for WootLoot

Although we were hindered by our lack of app development skills, we have many ideas for furthering the capabilities of this app. We thought of adding photo-recognition that would allow the user to use only a photo so that the app can automatically input details for them. The app could be partnered with credit card companies to provide e-receipts, reducing paper waste and offering better financial management.

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