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Warp pill #9: What advantages derive from WARP for USTX users?

I think this is a very interesting topic to explain. WARP fits together in the USTX ecosystem. USTX is the first attempt to create a low volatility asset on Tron, something in between stablecoins and normal tokens/coins. In the USTX platform we have a DEX, a voting portal, a staking app, a portfolio app and the Teleport multichain bridge (Tron, BTCC, BSC, CRONOS). WARP blends in and adds new opportunities both for USTX holders and users of the Tron blockchain that don't have USTX in the wallet.

For USTX users the benefits brought by WARP are twofold:

  1. A part of the rewards is used for weekly tokens buyback. This increases the buyback already present and gives a constant push over USTX price and provides sustainable staking rewards (up to 12%)
  2. The highest APR (over 36% on last epoch) is achieved by holding USTX in staking. This is like a fidelity reward for users that are already committed to USTX, but works as an incentive for new users to buy USTX before entering WARP, just to get the 50% increase in the APR.

After we announced and launched WARP we've seen a significant increase in buy volume on USTX, but an image is worth a thousand words...


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