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Warp pill #7: What does the compound button do?

The compound button on the main page of the UI triggers the internal rewards compounding function and updates all internal state variables.

Rewards compounding means that all rewards will be moved to the deposited balance and so will contribute to generate more rewards. This change is effective immediately.

Another effect is to update all internal states for the user account. This is important in case the users wants to change the Warp factor (i.e. adding or removing USTX in stake). There are two cases:

  1. The user wants to increment the warp factor (add USTX in stake);
  2. The user wants to reduce the warp factor (remove USTX from stake).

For case 1, the user needs to use the compounding function AFTER having increased the USTX in stake, to enable the new improved warp factor and enjoy the higher yield. For case 2, the user need to use the compounding function BEFORE removing USTX in stake, so that the rewards are calculated up to that point with the old (higher) warp factor.

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