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Warp pill #2: is it really that hard to do pseudo-neutral farming? Can’t I just do it by miself?

When we say that WARP goal is to simplify something complex, we really mean it. Doing pseudo neutral farming involves making calculations and interfacing with all DeFi apps needed to move the funds around. Also you need about 1M in energy every time you need to balance. If you are willing to do all that, every week, go ahead. Otherwise, you can use WARP, deposit once and get rewards every week at the best possible APR on USDD. If you are willing to do more, you can push the Compound button, once per week and improve your APY.

Just to give an idea about the complexity of the strategy, the user needs to interact with one smart contract (i.e. WARP), while WARP interacts with 17 other smart contracts.

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