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Warp pill #1: what happens behind the scenes in WARP?

The team effort for the WARP project has been towards simplifying the user access to DeFi opportunities, that would otherwise be to complex for most users. So we’d like to shed some light on what happens behind the scenes, inside WARP contract.

User deposit

After the user deposits USDD in WARP, the tokens are immediately supplied to JustLend, so that they immediately start generating yield. If the user has USTX in locked staking, the effective deposit will be increased depending on the warp factor (up tp +50%)

User requests balance unlock

The portion of balance selected for withdraw is moved to the pending balances. On the next epoch transition the JustLend allowance will be setup

User withdraws pending balance

The desired amount is removed from JustLend and send to the user

User requests rewards unlock

User rewards are moved from locked to pending. They will be available on next epoch.

User claims rewards

The rewards in USDD are sent to the user wallet

User compounds rewards

The user rewards are added to the user deposit balance

Before epoch transition

The total deposits are updated (taking into account new deposits and withdraw requests) USDD balance to pay for pending rewards is moved to contract (if needed) The SunSwap liquidity amount is corrected, depending on the updated total deposits and balanced for neutrality against TRX price fluctuations The farming rewards are harvested and swapped is USDD (if needed)

New epoch

The available rewards are computed and used to calculate the last epoch APR. Contract data is updated, new epoch begins. Pending rewards are now claimable

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