The number of students that get called out when they are not paying attention

What it does

Informs you when your name gets called in a meeting through a call and SMS message, while also transcribing your meets and automatically syncing it to your Google Drive.

How we built it

Through VS Code and collaboration through GitHub and We utilized a lot of W3schools and youtube tutorials to get us through

Challenges we ran into

First time using APIs and OCRs so we ran into quite a few errors. But the biggest nuisance was fixing the transcription part because it kept on breaking every 2 seconds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to create something and actually want to use it in our day to day lives

What we learned

We managed to learn how to use OCR and integrate API's into our programs. Some of us even learned what pip does and how to install libraries.

What's next for AFK Student

Being able to integrate ideas we had such as custom phone numbers and ideas as crazy as an autoresponse in the chat when you're gone. We want to be able to create a polished project that we are proud to show to our friends, family, and possible investors. We believe this has the potential to become a legitimate service that can be used by many.

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