Being from Oklahoma, I am used to the severe storms. The best way to stay on top of the storm is to text friends to get their updates, keep update on Facebook and your friend's weather posts and watch the news. Warn me, Sooner is a social networking site for weather updates.

Add friends, read their updates and see where they are posting from on a map. You can see non friends updates on the map as well and if they chose to keep their profile public, then you would only get their weather update and where it came from.

I used a postgres database and seeded the location tables with the Zipasaur API to feed in all of Oklahoma zip codes and corresponding lat/lng, city and county. I used Python for my backend and JS for the front end. I used google maps api to display the map, Forecast IO widget to show a weekly forecast, Dark Sky api for current weather and Wunderground api to feed in the alerts.

With the storm season passing, I had to wait awhile before an active storm took place so I could grab the data for the alerts.

It was my first project. I am proud of all the steps involved and how each step I came out feeling more confident in that particular technology and skill. In specific, the front end was a challenge, but coming out of this project, I feel stronger in ajax.

I learned how important it is to draw out the plan before going straight into coding. Planning things out may seem like it's wasting time, but it really helps firm out the build.

What's next for Warn Me, Sooner. I would like to have real users post real time updates. I would also like to make the user profile more elaborate, profile pics, search based on first name-last name and not just email. I would also like to use the twilio api to post status updates from a text.

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