In the current electronic warehouse receipt business, the authenticity of warehouse receipt is maintained by third-party organizations, and the data is managed centrally, which makes it difficult to trace the source of goods. In this case, the breach of trust of third-party institutions will lead to serious transaction security problems. In order to solve the problems of mutual trust and transaction security in the electronic warehouse receipt system, a block chain based electronic warehouse receipt system is designed in this paper. The system is built on the hyperledger fabric platform. Firstly, the client obtains a valid identity certificate from the certificate authority node(CA node), and then packages the warehouse receipts transaction information into blocks for whole network broadcast, and all nodes can verify the legitimacy and validity of the transaction. Finally, the consensus mechanism is used to realize the consensus of the whole network node, and the legal block is added into the block chain. Thus the warehouse receipt transaction information cannot be tampered. The introduction of block chain technology can not only ensure the security of warehouse receipt information system, but also realize the traceability of warehouse receipt transaction information and the sharing of account books.

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