# Introduction

As the number of criminal activities has drastically increased throughout past years, the importance of maintaining campus security has reached an unprecedented degree. While momentary precautions of a certain area are currently provided by Berkeley WarnMe, an emergency notification system operated by the UCPD, they only serve as one-time warnings and thus fail to highlight common regions of criminal activity over time. This lack of documentation impedes the long-term betterment of campus security, leading to the continuation of violent crimes in high-frequency areas. Not only is this failure detrimental to students and visitors, but it also exacerbates ongoing concerns regarding urban security in the city of Berkeley. Therefore, there is a clear need for methods to further understand the distribution of criminal activities - both for the development of better public policies and for the security of the general public.

# Objective

Warden aims to enhance the current emergency notification system by compiling a record of past criminal activities and generating various visualizations of crime rate data. With its comprehensive filtering algorithms, Warden can protect the general public from violent crimes and help researchers acquire the data essential for enacting better public policies. More specifically, we provide politicians and public workers with a direct way of measuring progress in public enforcement and addressing areas of concern. For researchers and organizations, our real-time data of criminal activities that are not readily accessible from criminal enforcement institutions can be used for analysis. For the public, they could use Warden as an incentive to take initiative in marked areas of concern, which in turn promotes overall civil engagement.

# How it Works

Using React Native, we created a mobile app that shows a list of the most recent WarnMe occurrences presented in a clean and simple UI. The app uses a backend Python script that utilizes the public Gmail API to extract WarnMe emails via HTTP requests, specifically information including crime type, location, and date. The python script handles all parsing algorithms and outputs a JSON file that is transferred to the React Native codebase.

Using information from the JSON file, this app has the potential to present crime data in multiple ways. For example, a line graph that shows the trend of criminal activity in certain areas over time, or a heatmap of the most dangerous locations.

Challenges Implementing Gmail API services in the React Native framework Integrating Python algorithms with the app environment (coded in React Native)

Solutions Created a python quickstart application to enable Gmail API, handle HTTP requests, and parse target information Utilized Flask to run a server which then executes the quickstart algorithm Transferred data from Flask server to React Native environment with further HTTP requests from the aforementioned server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing a functional app framework that successfully retrieves and presents WarnMe email data.

What's next for Warden

Visualize criminal activity statistics in new ways, including line graphs (trendlines of criminal activities in certain areas over time), and heatmaps of campus locations according to crime rates.

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