Warbler is a HubExchange and iOS app that introduces “web push” as an additional channel for ExactTarget to use in conjunction with email.

“Web push” is a new species of push notification that provides websites the ability to engage visitors. When device users follow a web push, the notification opens on a landing page within the web browser. Warbler also supports desktop push for Safari.

Web push is a consumer-journey entry point and a mechanism by which consumers are guided along their journey.

Warbler positions ET in front of two critical trends.

First, Warbler allows ET to better connect its customers to their mobile web traffic. Mobile web traffic is increasing month over month and could surpass desktop browsing by 2015.

Second, Mavericks OS X recently introduced desktop push for Safari. Brands are now using push notifications to improve mobile app, mobile web, and desktop engagement.

Web push is analogous to email. Web push is an opt-in/opt-out channel. Moreover, web push and email are landing page oriented. Finally, web push and email share critical performance metrics--metrics which can be correlated to deliver actionable data to ET customers.

Warbler provides the customers of ExactTarget clients an opportunity to declare another communication preference to the brands they love.

Warbler is built on HubExchange, Heroku Prostgres, Heroku CloudMailIn, Rails on Heroku, ExactTarget Sending, ExactTarget List Building, ExactTarget Native Push, ExactTarget Fuel SDK, and Salesforce Web-to-Lead.

Warbler uses Roost (roost.me) to power web push.

Learn more: www.warbler.io

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