Story Behind the Code and Inspiration:

When you feel unsafe, your mind plays tricks with you. You start looking around, imagining that someone is going to come and hurt or assault you. Your heart rate goes up and you start sweating - physiological flight or fight mode is activated. Most of the times we feel this way while we are walking alone, such as after studying at night in the library or after a party.

And believe it or not the solution for this is company and companionship. Just being with someone else removes the feeling of fear and danger. According to a study made by Kingston College, walking with one other person reduces your chances of being assaulted by 70%.

Waqme is an app that allows you to see who is near you and has the same final destination which allows you to walk together. This could be a friend or someone you know, or a new person you can become friends with. After the walk you get to rate the person who just walked with you. The app is also integrated with Twilio in order to send SOS messages to your emergency contacts.

We are doing this because we firmly believe walking should be a safe and enjoyable experience. We have a solid - why - or "impact thought" while carrying this out. We want to make the world safer, and reduce the amount of sexual assaults and violent crime. We have a very passion for creating an application that makes a difference and isn't just another app on the stores.

Target user

Anyone who wants company while walking (whether for safety reasons or because you want to meet someone exciting who enjoys walking, used for real-life tinder, gay-dating or to feel safer while walking)

Key Features:

Ease of use, Crowdsourcing safety and companionship, the integration with emergency services but mostly the integration with Twilio. The reason for this is that there are numerous emergency apps out there - most of them using sms-service for emergency reasons. The challenge with this reasoning (especially in developing countries) is that many reviews on the play/app-store show a dissatisfaction among users that this feature is rendered useless if you lack balance/credit on your account. By integrating Twilio in this feature we are overcoming this challenge where the users' talk balance is used in a critical emergency situation - where we are using a much more reliable solution for getting the alert across.

We are integrating with twitter to allow users to broadcast the request for a Waqme Buddy as well as reaching a bigger crow than those who currently have the application. These people too will have to download the app for safety reasons. We also allow login using twitter as well as sharing comments and feedback.

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