We were inspired by FIFA ultimate team. We wanted to make something that we thought would be useful to us in our lives.

What it does

WannaPlay allows you to login on any Android phone using your Google account. This is then used to create your profile and allows you to create or join an event. You can specify the sport, location, date, time and number of players. This means you can limit the number of people attending and so the event view tells you how many slots are left for an event.

How we built it

As first year computer science students at King's we used our java knowledge in android studio. We split the task up in to the different activities. We worked on the integration of the MySQL database using php.

Challenges we ran into

The server we used for our database crashed one hour before the presentation meaning we were unable to work on our app. Therefore we faced time pressures at the very end. We attempted to implement pusher to push notifications of new players but we were unsuccessful. We wish to complete this in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that were managed to complete a project as part of a team in our first year at university. We are proud to have reached nearly all our goals.

What we learned

We learned how to use Github to collaborate. We also gained skills in php and android development as well as implementing apis.

What's next for WannaPlay

Google Maps integration.

Built With

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