Our group was inspired by our own love for film and television. We wanted to find a way for people to connect online over shows that people love, and create a system for people to watch things with each other online.

What it does

Wanna Watch is an application that allows users to share what shows they are currently watching, or plan on watching, and invite others to watch with them! If a user wants to watch something that they see someone else is watching, we developed a way for them to easily message each other on Discord. This provides an easy way to get in touch!

How we built it

We used a combination of custom CSS and Bootstrap for the front end, Google Login for logging in, and a variety of things for the back end. Our app uses an Express server, Node.js, ejs, and MongoDB all for the back end server side.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenges were around the database. None of us have really implemented any form of database by ourselves in a web app, so it was a unique challenge that was fun to tackle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Honestly, the whole thing! One of our group members ghosted then abandoned us on Saturday afternoon, so we felt a bit defeated at that point. We then managed to pull through and create something that actually works!

What we learned and did

Arjun: Arjun learned a lot about databases and servers, as well as creating an app that actually uses the server. He used MongoDB and ejs to create dynamic pages that reflect user posts and to create new ones.

Kyla: Kyla got to work with a fun Google API to create a log-in system, and also a form for creating a post. She also worked with JavaScript and CSS for this hackathon!

Christian: This was Christian's first time working with WebDev, and he was great at creating our landing page! He used custom CSS to create a page that truly captures the eye, and learned a lot about front end development.

What's next for Wanna Watch?

We want to add more functionality to the application. Our first step would be to create a system for commenting on user posts directly inside the application, instead of directing them to Discord.

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