'wanna talk' makes it possible for the user to interact with other people on a specific topic. Although many chat rooms and IRC's exist on the internet that serve similar purpose, no mobile solution exists yet. A die-hard NFL fan will definitely want to discuss the game with other fans before or after the game. Same stands true for a film buff whenever he watches a new movie. Both the above cases need a quick and easy solution that is readily available. 'wanna talk' is such a solution.

What it does

'wanna talk' is an Android app that helps the user discover and interact with other like-minded individuals around him.

How I built it

Used Java for developing the Android app in Eclipse IDE. Used's free service to store user data and their preferences. After the user selects a topic on which he wants to talk, he is shown other users' location on a map that are within a certain radius (configurable) by querying the cloud and fetching data from it. The user can then view another user's profile and then text or call him.

Challenges I ran into

Management of data on the cloud back-end and constantly updating Google maps when another user becomes online or offline.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully integrated Parse cloud with Android app (This being my first mobile cloud app).

What I learned

Cloud integration of an Android app, managing users and other data on the cloud back-end.

What's next for wanna talk

Integrate instant messaging functionality using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) instead of SMS function. Also, use resources such as memory and network efficiently. Also, detect nearby like-minded people while moving continuously.

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