Since hiring is an unavoidable activity for every business and organization, everyone is always on the lookout for ways that maximize results and minimize costs. After all, businesses must get every cent of their investment’s worth to justify the spending in the first place. Among the many hiring solutions out there, having a dedicated career portal for your company can appear like a big upfront investment.

It is important that you perform a thorough analysis of the software’s utility to reach an informed decision regarding the future of talent recruitment in your organization.

What it does

  1. To gain visibility into the effectiveness of your hiring processes.
  2. To make more informed decisions on candidates.
  3. To focus on highly relevant talent.
  4. Time-to-hire and cost-of-hire is reduced.

How I built it

Its built using MongoDB, ReactJS and NodeJS.

Challenges I ran into

  1. How the applicant experience can be improved while applying for the job. ?
  2. Auto-screening, Questionnaires and tests.
  3. To accurately gauge whether your chosen career portal solution added value to your organization.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Multiple means of talent sourcing.
  2. Candidate screening and processing 3 Tools for talent management and monitoring.

What I learned

  1. Gained insights of the workflow of career portals.
  2. Knowledge of talent recruitment.

What's next for Wanna Job?

  1. Use Goal-Setting to Push Boundaries.
  2. Put the Focus on Customer Service.
  3. Commit to Continuous Learning.
  4. Increase Productivity.

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