When I want to hang out, I want to hang out now. If I have time to hang, I don't want to waste time messaging people to see if they're down, I just wanna hang.

Now I can get a list of people that want to hang right now, and I can start plans with them with a single tap.

When I want to hang out, with a single tap, I can let all my friends know and they can hit me up instantly :).

What it does

There is a "Wanna Hang?" button, that you can tap, and it will notify your friends that you are down to hang. You can go through your list of friends and see who's down to hang as well, and message them with an integration between our app and Facebook messenger.

How I built it

iOS on the front end, Tornado (python) server on the back end, integrated with Facebook's Graph API.

Challenges I ran into

Keeping up with Facebook security standards. Developing iOS for the very first time!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time working in a team and doing iOS, which was really exciting! First time working with the Facebook SDK.

What I learned

Swift coding!

What's next for Wanna Hang?

Bringing this to people that want to hang!

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