Freedom for the visually & auditory impaired.


The gift of hearing and vision are senses we commonly take for granted. Approximately 50,000 Americans have been classified as deaf-blind. Unfortunately many of the deaf-blind experience the world as an unpredictable, and possibly threatening place.

With WanderWise, we use the sense of touch as a tool to make more of the world accessible to the deaf-blind. By combining a camera with vibration motors, proximity sensors, and GPS, we enable turn-by-turn navigation to those visually and auditory impaired.

The second app in the suite is an iOS app that allows for family members or a caregiver to enter destinations that the user can walk to. This simple, but effective solution makes tasks like going to the convenience store, seeing friends, and other outdoor day-to-day activities possible for those without vision and hearing.

Key Features

  • Collision detection eye-wear
  • Direction assisting headpiece
  • Haptic feedback turn-by-turn navigation
  • iOS app for family and caretakers to plan walking trips for user
  • Voice navigation feedback (for those only blind)
  • USB battery powered


  • Traffic sign detection
  • Higher accuracy GPS
  • Faster mobile processing power

Built With

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