When we shop online, we usually have specific products in mind. But we don't normally shop like that. Even when we go to the grocery store with a list, we don't just go straight for those items and leave. Whether it is for clothes, groceries, or electronics, we shop through discovery - by wandering about in a store and picking up things that catch our eye. Online shopping takes away that immersive shopping experience. We would like to bring it back.

What WanderShop does

WanderShop gives you the genuine shopping experience without going to stores in person by putting you in a virtual shop.

How we built it

We created 3D models and mapped UV textures onto them using Blender. To display and interact with these 3D models, we used iOS's Scene Kit. We used iOS's core motion API's accelerometer and gyroscope data to manipulate what's displayed from scene kit. The combination of scene kit and core motion API enabled the virtual reality experience.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the models we created in Blender to show up and render properly in Scene Kit.

What we learned

3D modeling. Scene Kit. iOS device motion, accelerometer and gyroscope.

What's next for WanderShop

Testing to see if there is widespread interest in the concept. Possibly turning idea into a startup.

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