There are times when we have a tight budget and we are in a dilemma as where to travel in that limited money. This gave us the idea to develop an interface where users can simply enter their budget and current city and leave the rest upon us to find the best quotes in terms of flights as well as hotels for them. This will reduce them the hassle of looking up different destinations and comparing the prices as we provide all the prices with one click.

What it does

The interface asks you for the information like the Origin from where you want to travel, travel date when you want to travel and the maximum money that you want to spend on your travel. After submitting that we will get the several destinations within that budget and with that it also gives cheap hotels in the nearby location.

How we built it

We have used Flight Inspiration Search API and Hotel Airport Search API provided by Amadeus. We have used flask and python to extract data from the APIs, HTML, CSS and Javascript for front end.

Challenges we ran into

We faced issues with integrating the API with python, fetching data in required JSON format and using result of one API as parameter to another.

We also faced issues with database connectivity when we had limited time, due to which we could not store data and implement suggestions of other users with similar itinerary to help people find company during their journey

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we got to integrate the API smoothly on the python interface and display in a user friendly manner.

What we learned

Using REST API's. connect ingdiverse information together to extract meaningful results. Flask framework

What's next for WanderLust

We intend to show people other people with similar itinerary. Also we plan to use Machine Learning Algorithms to suggest users hotels and experiences based on their past travel data.

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