Our app is designed to help you on your journey exploring the world! The idea was to be able to visit famous places and get a whole automated intelligent tour of the sites you visit. That way, you won't ever get bored and you'll get an interesting history lesson on the significance of the sites you visit. At the click of a button, you learn everything you need to know about where you are.

Go places and learn new things. All it takes is a click!

Technical Details:

Our app is built for the Android platform with a python/flask backend and a MongoDB database. It runs OpenCV feature detectors on every image in its database and stores important features into the Mongo database along with metadata about the image (location, descriptions). To match an image, we compare the features of the image against the library, and return the associated metadata, which we serve up to the app through a REST api.

We found the world wonders through first scraping the UNESCO database of world heritage sites for important sites and coordinates, then grabbing images through the Panoramio api. We found other images online (or took them ourselves) and tagged them manually.

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