Tourism nowadays has become one of the most horrible way of spreading various viruses and other germs and also once we had planned a trip it brought along a lot of burdain with us, where to have the scheduled plan to visit all places? Where to upload images not making my phone's storage waste? Mainly, where should we visit to be safe and avoid visiting which places? These unwanted questions made us create this project on trips. Now, you can easily, "SAY YES TO ADVENTURE!"

What it does

• Our project uses APIs to suggest you the best places to visit that are safe a secure comparatively in this pandemic situation. • It also warns you about places to about visiting to be safe from dangers and lose the enjoyment. • It uses vanilla to help you schedule your personalized trip plan to be organized throughout the trip. • Now, you can also save all your images safely without losing your device storage with the help of the cloud technology of our project.

How we built it

For building this project we have used the following resources:- • Javascript • HTML • CSS • JAVA • Google-sites • Google-design • Google-cloud • Vanilla

Built With

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