Around the world, people face challenges around securing an active internet connection, which can become a problem in times of dire need. Whether it's discovering the next party at Burning Man, or checking in during a disaster, now you can with ease.

What it does

Users can create and browse events in their area on either a web or mobile interface. By either syncing with our backend, or with peers using the app around you, you're able to receive a feed of events you can attend. Using the mesh network created by iPhones using the app, even offline users can share their new events with peers, meaning eventually it'll become available (once someone with internet receives this).

During disasters, users of the app can also easily coordinate to find aid in their area, and to check in as "safe". Once they enter their basic credentials, users can check in at their current location, allowing their friends and family to visit our site to see that they're safe. Again, even offline users can check in as "safe", which will eventually be synced with our backend, and available on our site.

How we built it

The iOS app is built using Objective-C, mainly using the Multipeer Connectivity Framework to create the mesh network necessary for sharing data offline.

Challenges we ran into

Apple abstracts most of what is going on during a given connection using the multipeer connectivity framework. This means dropped connections and bugs are extremely difficult to investigate and remove, resulting in hours of useless debugging.

Built With

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