As the tourism industry is highly affected by the pandemic, it is time to pivot, redesign, reinvent or up-skill by addressing the new normal of travel which is fundamental to the recovery of the industry. Flights and Hotels are resuming their operations, while tour operators are now more ready than ever to bring their activities online, preparing to capture the surging demand of travelers. It is time to rethink domestic travel as the gateway to recovery on international travel. This due to different travel and safety restrictions kept in place by different countries. Therefore, we had to think of a solution that can create demand and facilitate both domestic and international travel.

What it does

An app to inspire, discover and book everything any destination offers with real-time availability of travel restrictions and safety information while ensuring touchless and contactless after-booking support.

Gamification features like treasure hunt, local operators can set domestic missions that will provide exciting trips to travelers at the same time will keep them safe from containment zones or hotspots. It means that it could be a half day or one day mission to a weekend mission and get rewarded while also the traveler can share the mission link with friends to challenge them to do the mission.

We have the map where travelers can discover thing to do around, get heat map of crowded areas and COVID 19 data of the destinations

Travelers can also get travel restriction information of certain cities and countries that can help them plan their travel upfront and what is required for them to cross the borders.

Travelers can book for flights, hotels, activities and they can avail contactless and touchless post booking services by scanning QR code like check in, room services, order food and drinks from restaurant bars etc

We have the social feature where travelers can connect and chat with peers in the wanderlinker travel community. They can also avail support from wanderlinker chatbot.

How we built it

We used design thinking in developing the solution

  1. Created 2 persona for a post-pandemic domestic and international traveler. From the persona, we discovered that our solution should address 2 themes (health safety and travel experiences)
  2. Developed a business model canvas that could help us identify the value proposition, key resources and partners.
  3. We created the user experience journey and sketch wireframes and mock-ups before writing code.
  4. Started to write code.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was to distill the idea from complex to simple. As we are building one solution that addresses 2 themes, it was a very big challenge to understand the key features to address from our first version. As we only have hours to build the product. We needed to be very precise with the solution we want to build.

Difference in tie zones among team members made some participants miss meetings group meetings.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team building is one of the greatest accomplishment we have had. The team is made up of developers, designer and business enthusiast. This has made us get along and work together easily.

What we learned

Team diversity can help build global solution. By bringing together the understanding of travel industries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

What's next for WanderLinker

We want to be one of the successful startups born during a global crisis.

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