Benjamin Mathers posted an update

Thanks for everyone who showed interest in Wanderful at CarlHacks! For those interested in the continuing development of Wanderful, we just wanted to post a quick update. The whole team would love to continue working on Wanderful. However, our wrists are unfortunately lacking the beauty bestowed by a Pebble Watch, so we cannot continue working on that end for the moment. Therefore, our next step is to develop a stand-alone Android app version of Wanderful. Development for this will begin in the Summer, once the stress and time-crunch of finals has passed.

Once we can acquire a Pebble Watch (anyone hankering to give us one? ;) ), we will continue to develop our standalone Pebble version of Wanderful, as well as creating a Pebble companion app for the Android version of Wanderful.

We all love this app, and we hope we can deliver something to those of you who share the passion for wandering and discovering the world around you!

Thanks, Team CarlHats

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