Table of Content

1. Introduction

This Android VR Application was created during "Unreal Engine 4 Summer Jam 2017". This Game is built on the Unreal Engine 4 (4.16) This is completely based on C++ and Unreal Visual Scripts (Blueprints) and has a Release APK for Installation. This application is a Standalone Android Application which will provide a VR Experience of a different Planet just using Google Cardboard Headset.

This Application was Winner in Unreal Summer Jam 2017 Android Category.

2. Features

  • VR Game
  • Google Cardboard Enabled.
  • HD Textures
  • 90FPS enabled
  • Huge Level using Level Streaming
  • No Extra Controller needed.

3. Assets (All assets: Wanderer-VR Assets)

  • Character

    • Main Player
    • Created in Blender
    • Rigged in Blender
    • Animation imported from Mixamo
    • Texture created in Photoshop
    • Texture Mapping in Blender
    • Mutant
    • Created in Blender
    • Texture created in Photoshop
    • Texture Mapping in Blender
  • HUD

    • Inspired by Halo Visor
    • Texture imported from DeviantArt
    • Mapped using Photoshop
  • Spacecraft

    • Created in Blender
    • Texture mapping in Blender
  • Mountains (3 Variations)

    • Created in Blender
    • Texture Mapping in Blender
  • Rocks (5 Variations)

    • Created in Blender
    • Texture Mapping in Blender
  • Levels (3 Seperate Variations)

    • Created in World Machine 2
    • Textures from texture.com
    • Mapped in Blender

4. Running the Project

Let us remind you again that the minimum Android OS that you need to run this project is Lollipop (API Level 21). So, make sure you're satisfying the minimum requirements first. Otherwise, your handset won't be able to parse the apk file.

  • Permissions Required :

    This application requires you to provide few permissions to it, in order to work properly. Here's the list of permissions that the application needs :

    • Read/Write Permission (Cache)
    • Prevent Phone From Sleeping (VR Mode)
    • Enabling VR Mode
  • Instructions For Direct APK Installation :

    If you want to run this application on your android phone, please move over to the "[Release (https://github.com/PsychoticElites/FExBarclays/releases)" section and download the latest stable APK build for your android phone. You do not need any external libraries or application.

  • Instructions For Developers/Testers :

    If you're a developer or any user who wishes to test this application and run this android project, it's recommended to install Unreal Engine 4.16 or above and Android SDKs on your system. Remember that Android SDKs should be in your local path for you to be able to compile the project properly. You can find the source code in the "SOURCE" directory. Just open "MyProject2.uproject" to open the project in Unreal Engine 4.

5. Technology Stack Used

  • Game Engine

    • Unreal Engine 4.16
  • 3D Models

    • Blender
  • Textures

    • Photoshop
  • Level Design

    • World Machine 2
  • Custom Animations

    • Mixamo

6. Release

Here's a link for APK : Release APK

7. Team

  • Lead Developer

    • Ankit Passi
  • 3D Model Artist

    • Akshay Sharma
  • World Design

    • Aditya Malhotra
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