We were inspired by our personal travel experiences and the frustration of having a language barrier when in a foreign country, such as seeing signage in the local language without English translation. This issue has often led us to miss trains, get on wrong trains, and ultimately risking missing to see the touristy spots on our itinerary. Therefore, we wanted to create an app that enhances the travel experience by making language barriers a problem no more.

What it does

Wanderer is an app that generates real-time translations visually and acoustically, while also recommending popular events, places, and foods based on the user's location of use. It targets the first-time traveler and other travelers who want to go to new places in the world but feel anxious when traveling with a language barrier. But now, they can travel with ease, knowing that Wanderer is here to add to their comfort levels while enhancing the overall experience.

How we built it

After discussing the direction that we wanted to go with, we began to do online and user research to narrow down our theme and functions, as well as validate our design and feature decisions. Competitive analysis helped us understand what was out there, the pros and cons, and what we could do better to strengthen our app. We tested the designs along the way, from wireframes to high fidelity UI designs, iterating as we went.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was expanding our app features. When we started, we didn't want an all-in-one app that had no actual focus. However, we ended up narrowing down too much, and the app seemed very flat. That was not what we wanted either. After brainstorming, we included more features to add to the app's characteristics and here we have Wanderer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

When users tell us that the navigation is smooth and they would use the app in real life, it makes us happy and proud.

What we learned

Less is more - straightforwardness is what the user is looking for. In today's world, everyone is busy. Especially for travelers who are always on the go, they don't have the time to go through many steps to get to their goal. We learned that the user does not need every feature seen on other apps - they only need what they will use, so we designed Wanderer to be minimal yet helpful, quick and convenient, providing a minimal learning curve to reach any type of user.

What's next for Wanderer

After our first usability test, we made necessary iterations to the designs and prototype. To further improve the app, we will conduct another round of testing with the updated prototype and further research on other cool functions that we can incorporate.

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