We were inspired to work on this project because of our shared passion for traveling and want to create a platform where travelers can explore, share, and plan their trips.

What it does

Through Wander we want to help travelers, first, personalize their travel exploration, second, make collaboration amongst friends simple and fun, and third, inspire each one of them to explore.

How we built it

We went from user research, to feature prioritization, to design sprint, to development.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some design/tech discrepancies and estimation issues early on, but were able to resolve those issues through working sessions and retros.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're so proud of what we were able to accomplish in the past 2 months from design to a tangible prototype which we're excited to test with potential users.

What we learned

The whole two month process was a great learning experience altogether, With all the team members sitting in different timelines empathizing with each other's timelines was the most important thing. We followed the product life cycle adapted from Nielson Norman groups design thinking 101 frameworks and it helped us a lot in coming up with a structured roadmap. Apart from that the development team has also learned a lot by putting into practice the technology they've been studying.

What's next for Wander

Currently, we are focusing on the pre-trip phase of the application and the phase 1 proof of concept has features focused on planning and collaboration. We want to continue testing and iterating on our current features and release a beta later this year.

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