The inspiration for Wander came from videos games like Pokemon and Assassin's Creed, where you have a map and a city of activities and places to go!

What it does

Our app has three phases for New York for new exploration: unknown, known, and owned. If you haven't been to let's say Soho, you can only see a grey outline of the area. Once you physically enter the area, you are given tasks to accomplish, which are given based on the FourSquare API. Once the tasks are done, you are rewarded with a Google Map, showing what you've done and other top results in the area.

How we built it

The entire app is built in Swift for iOS, and directly utilizes from the Google Maps API. Our presentation uses hard coded information from the FourSquare API, but would be easy to implement fully.

What's next for Wander

This could be expanded to act as a game between businesses and customers, whether they be locals or tourists looking for popular spots. There could be rewards and a friendly competition between friends to see if you "own" more sections of the city. There can be tasks like "take a photo of a pizza", which you can then share on instagram. This brings the joy or exploring in videos game to real life, with real goals!

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