What is Wanda?

Wanda intends to be a single, unified platform for people new to the technology and software development to find curated, high-quality resources for their topics of interest from fellow software developers. 👨‍💻

Our Online Study Room is freely available to help with your motivation and make progress with your work. Some describe the experience as akin to being in a library; a silent place to work alongside others ✨

The Vision bot provides information about almost anything Computer Science

Generate pretty printed resumes by just filling a form!


Remember the first time you started off with tech? The vast internet at your fingertips but it's the first step that's always the hardest. 😓

With Wanda, anyone (even you!) can easily find free resources curated in a single place from industry experts instead of crawling the internet. What's better? You can contact real users, software developers and engineers, and contact them to seek guidance. Sounds good? Of course, it is. 🌟

We all become really busy with what can feel like the relentless demands of academic study and life. Many of us recognise the privilege we have to access education, but that is little comfort when we feel isolated and despondent. Wanda is built on the idea to decrease isolation and motivate us all not only to progress our work but know we can do so while our simple presence supports others. We are not alone. 🌠

Vision bot solves any queries related to computer science and guides you with topics like open source, Masters programs, etc


The Scarlett Witch

Effective study groups can help students learn course material in a deeper, more concrete way. Groups that are effective generate positive energy, encourage active participation, instill discipline, and require commitments from members. These skills are certainly important for learning. Just like connecting the Marvel Universe, Scarlett Witch will help you connect with the right people and make your study efficient.


To keep yourself in the race for this ever-growing field, you need to keep on learning every day. You can find multiple sources to master these languages, from blogs to guides, ebooks to best YouTube channels to learn to program, and much more other mediums. Nexus is perfect place for individuals who are nascent to the field and want to learn the new tools and technologies but are confused how to proceed further.


As an evolving field of study at the forefront of technological progress and innovation, computer science is a topic with tremendous significance in industry and academia. Getting stuck in programming is quite normal for all the developers. If you are ever stuck somewhere, we've always got a Vision for you! "I just feel you." ~Vision

How we built it

We decided to use simple web-development technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for the front-end. We used Node, express, and mongoDB for the backend. For real-time messaging functionality in our chat rooms, we used socket.io. We used Google DialogFlow for the AI Bot

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing the chatroom with socket.io
  • Integrating Zoom with the project
  • Hosting the project
  • We created a section to generate a pretty printed resume using details filled in the form that a user can download. The generation works well standalone, but we were unable to integrate it with the application due to lack of time.

What we learned

  • We learned how to integrate firebase and use its firestore functionality for saving to the database.
  • We learned the ins and outs of using express.js and how the MVC works in express.
  • Using socket.io to create a real-time messaging feature was also something that we learned.
  • Project management with Github

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We had a working application by the specified time frame.
  • The UI of the application looks amazing.
  • Good team communication
  • Maintained best-practices for our Github repository and code

What's next for Wanda

  • Gamification of the project. So that users can earn points when they complete certain tasks and they have a leaderboard to show who has the most points.
  • Sending friend requests to people that users wish to match with again.

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