A wand using leap motion that allows you to cast spells at your chrome browser:

Hogwarts - class 1:

AVADA KADAVRA: clockwise circle, then counter-clockwise circle, followed by forward poke

  • the death curse. Say goodbye to Harry's parents and your innocent web page.[use with caution]

Harry Pottify: counter-clockwise circle

  • is normal chrome boring for you? Use this spell to transform it and enter the land of hogwarts

Expecto Patronum: clockwise circle, followed by a forward poke

  • think happy thoughts and create your dream patronus. Watch it dance across your browser right in front of your eyes.

Babbliomus: forward poke

  • babble the content of your page with this mischievous charm

Destructo: swipe to the left or right

  • remove all changes you've made on your helpless chrome page; mischief managed!

Winguardium Leviosa: two clockwise circles

  • levitate an element on your chrome page with this Harry Potter favorite

Proceed to hogwarts year 2

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