What inspired you to create this hack (where did you see the demand for your hack): The Boys and Girls club was in need of incorporating new technology in an effort to optimize their virtual engagement. Every feature of the app addresses a need that the club has expressed. The app allows direct access to the club from your pocket.

WBGC Club at Home Website | No-code app builder uses with Appy Pie:
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What it does

How your hack will help your nonprofit: Our hack allows the WBGC to communicate with their members without them physically in the building. Something they have been struggling to achieve for a while. Our app bridges the physical distance this pandemic has caused but also has an opportunity to bridge the English gap between some of our Spanish-speaking members and families.

Features include:

  • User accounts for forums (to increase member community engagement) and digital IDs (since physical card tend to get lost)
  • Events tab with upcoming activities
  • Feedback forms
  • Link to the donation page
  • Contact and social media information

How we built it

Appy Pie App Maker Basic Account & Features + Google Sheets

Challenges we ran into

  • Events page does not show up on demo - need to publish the app to view
  • Could not translate directly to Spanish without entering translating text by text
  • Limited to Appy Pie's user interface layouts

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Quickly found tools that we needed to initiate our plan with little technical knowledge
  • Put together an application with a no-code tool and no previous experience with it
  • Included a lot of our original intended functions for the app

What we learned

  • In-app translation is a little more time consuming than we expected due to difficulty finding the right translation tool
  • Member ID, discussion forums, and rewards points could be incentives for app engagement
  • No-code tools have a lot of great features but opportunity costs need to be taken into consideration

What's next for Waltham Boys & Girls Club

Due to a significant amount of Spanish speakers in the community, it would be beneficial to have this app be available in Spanish. This can be done by connecting it with a tool that can translate it into Spanish or typing in the text translated to Spanish. There are also features like adding existing club members into a database and in-app purchases if desired.

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