Buying groceries is a tedious, necessary process of our lives, yet we don't streamline the process. In comes Walt, not only to streamline the process, but improve every aspect of it.

What it does

A personal assistant chatbot that utilizes the Wegman API and speech-to-text recognition to streamline the process of grocery list compilation and/or purchasing, all through the use of voice.

How we built it

Front-end: Python GUI/Tkinter Back-end: Python, Node.js Wegman's API, Speech Recognition API, Twilio API, http API, url lib

Challenges we ran into

Utilizing the Wegman APIs despite never working with it before. Finding a workaround for necessary components that were not included in the suite of APIs, such as Geocoding. Converting word numbers into integer numbers in verbal form through speech recognition. Integrating the wide range of different components into one final, polished product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The entire project.

What we learned

A lot.

What's next for Walt the Shopping Buddy

Improving the interface and integrating to the Wegmans mobile app.

Built With

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