Many times my family faces a problem when we come back from Walmart to buy our everyday needs and discover that we have forgot to buy couple of items that we need. What prevent us from going back to Walmart to bring the missing items is the long waiting time in the line to check out. So whenever my family needs an item from Walmart including fruits and vegetables or whenever we throw away an empty can or box that we know we want to buy again, we write it on a piece of paper or on a note app on the smart phone (wish list) to remind us about items we need. Also we would like to name the items in an easy way for us and avoid using the standard Walmart product item name.

Target Customers

Have you ever returned home from Walmart and found that you forgot to buy couple of items that you need? When that happens, do you ignore the missing items and delay your purchase to some other time? Do you consider the time lost to drive to Walmart and wait to check out a limiting factor from getting what you need and want quickly? If you answer yes to the above questions, then this app is we help you save you time and reminds you about the items you need from Walmart.

App benefits

1- Save customer time by making it faster to checkout [partially implemented] 2- Save customer money by offering special offers tailored to the customer needs [not implemented yet]

App Details

The app would add a feature to the existing Walmart app that would allow the user to do the following: 1- Before going to store a. Add items to wish list including vegetables and fruits and map them to customer friendly names [simulated in demo] b. Check items availability in nearby store before going there [simulated in demo] 2- When you arrive to store a. Collect the needed items in store and add couple of more items using the barcode feature in the app [bar code not implemented in demo] b. Receive push notifications about custom offers on items in your shopping list [not implemented in demo] c. Generate a checkout code for your bill [implemented in demo] 3- Checkout a. Checkout using the generated code by paying cash or using credit card b. Or enter credit card information in the app and checkout without waiting

How I built it

Using Android, Walmart API and Parse

Challenges I ran into

Short time to implement a working version

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Chance to test and get access to new technologies including Walmart API and Parse

What I learned

A lot about new technologies

What's next for Walmart Auto Checkout

1- Make use of parse easy login features to be able to login to Walmart app using google, twitter, or Facebook accounts. 2- Make use of parse push notifications to remind customers about offers on his/her shopping list 3- Get a layout of the store and point out where you can find all items in the list with the shortest path 4- Integrate customer recommendation engine to generate custom offers based on customer previous receipts and current shopping list items to save even more money 5- Check the availability of all your shopping list items in a specific store, to help customer find everything needed in the list 6- Improve user experience by making it easier to customize names and map them to specific Walmart product

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