The Problem: NFTs are a great solve in regards to art ownership and community. Where it falls short is it’s disconnected from the non-virtual world. This reduces interest from “normies” and provides hesitation in even understanding the space as an asset class for most crypto people.

How might we provide a way to connect these wallet jpegs to the real world, retaining their ethos as a digital asset, while increasing their perceived value?

What it does

Wallride is an augmented reality NFT derivatives program that turns any JPEG/PNG NFT into augmented painting you can view on your wall for iOS & android. This bridges the gap between wallet and wall, while retaining its authenticity as a digital asset.

How we built it

Our techstack includes: AWS Lamda for serverless exp An algo for turning the art into AR EXPs for android and iOS, no app needed. React USDZ & GLFT Files

Challenges we ran into

Making the product serverless for scalability

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figuring out how to work with Solana with no prior exp

What's next for Wallride: AR for NFTs

  1. Launch Mid November with a native app option for viewing anytime
  2. Q1 2022 - Opening the APIs to wallets, NFT projects, and
  3. Q1 2022 - Creating onchain NFT derrivatives of NFTs
  4. Q2 2022 - Start connecting other blockchains
  5. Q2 2022 - Online AR Gallery exp for NFTs - inhome and GEO location based for NFTs
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