This customizable Wallpaper allows you to set simple and beautiful pattern backgrounds on home screen of your phone or tablet. Also it allows you to change wallpaper each time you unlock the phone or every day!

Try to create a live wallpaper based on your favorite patterns with simple animations and use it every day to colorize your life.

You can select one of the thousands of different patterns provided by and set it as your desktop wallpaper or Desktop Live Wallpaper on your phone or tablet. You can set smooth repeatable palette to your screen which can be found on the second tab. Just scroll down and as you scroll new and new images or palettes will be available. Choose any pattern or palette for your background! If you want to have your background filled with pattern or palette in some particular color you can chose this color with filter in the top right corner of the screen.

What is more if you really love some of the patterns or palettes you can add them to the Favorites tab. Also there is a possibility to automatically change wallpaper after some period of time: one hour, one week or one month.

Every day your phone or tablet can have a new wallpaper: from random patterns or from your chosen favorites.

Try it! It will be FUN!


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