Our team was interested in developing a system that would ease the process of interior design. The idea came to us when we were thinking of biulding drone that could draw on a wall. This then evolved to the idea of having a vehicle with the capability of painting on a wall.

What it does

This device/vehicle using motion in two axes to draw on a wall. Being a vehicle it can move and position itself appropriately against a wall before beginning the printing/painting process.

How I built it

We designed it to be similar to the two axis design of a 3D printer but in the vertical orientation as opposed to the horizontal orientation.

Challenges We Ran Into

Deciding on the mechanism for motion in the vertical direction(z-axes) was quite the challenge because each of implementation ideas was unprecedented in our experiences. Delta-arm robots are similar but use gravity to maintain position, we had to figure out how to move as accurately in a vertical space.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got the two axis design to move and follow code to draw; considering the scope of our project, I was impressed.

What I learned

The team members developed further skills in a very wide range of disciplines from OpenCV to heavy machining.

What's next for WallPaint

Some features mentioned in YouTube video:

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