As analytical-minded individuals, even we can be overwhelmed by numerous day-to-day financial transactions. We wanted to view our finances in a concise, digestible manner.

What it does

In a short, scrollable experience a user can quickly check how they have finessed their finances.

How we built it

With a focus on clean and intuitive design, we visualize all recent transactions keeping in mind three main components: money earned, money spent, and money saved.

Challenges we ran into

We faced perplexing questions on what constitutes an intuitive modern design that would appeal to all audiences.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As three engineers that typically work with backend frameworks, we often neglect the user experience. We are proud to present WalletWatch as a user-centric product.

What we learned

We discovered that it is extremely rewarding to work on the frontend, as we were able to make tangible changes in real-time.

What's next for WalletWatch - A Personal Finance Experience

We would like to tweak the existing visualizations while adding machine learning to provide a more personalized experience for all our users.

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