Notifications for wallets are long needed:

  • DeFi
    • Margin trading apps need a way to notify users when positions are about to be liquidated.
    • Decentralized lending platforms need a way to notify users when debt positions are about to be closed.
  • ENS needs a way to notify users when domains are about to expire.
  • DAOStack, Aragon and Colony need a way to notify users when voting periods start or about to end.
  • Upgradability mechanisms need ways to notify users of upcoming updates.

What it does

Put rich-text notifications in transaction data for an Ethereum address and have wallets display them as notifications and even turn into the desktop, iOS, and Android push notifications.

Just follow the standard and it will work with any modern wallet.

How we built it

The standard: ERC-2365

NPM package: Pack and unpack notifications easily according to the standard.

Frontend: Craft and send a notification for any address with a simple UI.

MetaMask: Use our fork to start receiving notifications sent to your address. Review and comment on this PR to have Wallet Connect standard support merged to upstream.

Challenges we ran into

  • Message encryption
  • Sending notifications to multi-sig wallets
  • Complexities of Metamask architecture

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working notification flow with Metamask!
  • Use our library or public frontend to send notifications!

What's next for wallet-notify

  • Figure out encryption and ways to send notifications to wallets like Argent and Gnosis Safe.
  • Integrate with Trust Wallet to get those sweet mobile push notifications :)


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